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Environmental Policy 

Systematic Air cc. is a Air-conditioning maintenance and installation service provider and is committed to delivering quality Air-conditioning maintenance and installation service products/services. As an Air-conditioning maintenance and installation service specialist it is committed to the protection of health and environment and is determined to minimise any adverse impacts as a result of its activities.  Systematic Air cc. is committed to addressing the following issues: 

1.     Promote awareness

We will inform and motivate all our staff and encourage them to play an active role in Systematic Air cc. commitment to its environmental policy. 

2.     Environment and the community

We will continue to work with the local community by initiating environmental initiatives on-site and encouraging local environmental initiatives and reporting on environmental issues of public interest. 

3.     Continuous improvement

We will set specific improvement targets, monitor progress and communicate results internally. 

4.     Property management

We are always improving our buildings. We will construct, refurbish and manage our buildings in a manner that will reduce the associated environmental impacts and be sympathetic with the external surroundings. By addressing the issue of energy efficiency in our buildings, we will contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in line with national and international agreements. 

5.     Procurement

We will use Systematic Air cc. purchasing policy to favour suppliers and contractors that adopt best environmental practices. 

6.     Waste Management

We will continue to promote, develop and implement waste prevention, reduction, reuse and recycling on-site in a systematic and cost effective manner. We will use appropriately regulated waste management contractors to ensure safe management of hazardous and non-hazardous waste sent off-site in accordance with best environmental practice. We will work closely with our suppliers and customers towards achieving our environmental policy aims.